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Pinterest Review

Throughout the past four weeks I’ve tried to explore new educational resources to write about.  I just wouldn’t feel right without writing about Pinterest, however, since it is the first place I go when looking for inspiration.  Inspiration is a big part of the role Pinterest plays with educators.  They can find ideas for decorating their classroom, get cool ideas for new projects, and find all sorts of ways to become more organized.  Pinterest is also great for planning lessons.  You can find tons of printables on Pinterest as well as ideas to make learning more hands on.  It also provides links to a number of useful technology resources.  The uses for educators, are simply endless.

When using Pinterest, you can start by browsing the Education section or search by grade.  If you have something more specific in mind, you can search that too.  When you find a board you like it’s always a great idea to follow it as well because then as it is updated you’ll likely find that the new information is of interest to you as well.


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