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This website has so many resources it’s hard to know where to begin talking about it.  Under just the Classroom Resources tab there are four sections I can’t get enough of.  First is the lesson plans section.  These lesson plans come with everything you could possibly need.  They plan out the lesson for multiple days, they have all the resources you need gathered together and they list the standards the lesson is aligned for (This includes National, State, and Common Core).

The next section I can’t get enough of is Student Interactives.  The interactives include some wonderful activities to get students to participate in their education.  If you find one you like, you can also see lessons which have been created using that interactive.  Additionally, it shows related classroom and professional development resources as well.

The third section I love in Classroom Resources is the Calendar, which provides knowledge of what is important about any given day, also ties these events into the classroom.  This is accomplished by describing the event, suggesting a classroom activity, listing related websites, and suggesting related resources such as lesson plans on the topic.

Finally I want to mention the Printouts section.  In addition to telling you what grade it is appropriate for, it also says how to use the printout and has other suggestions to try.  It, of course, shows the related information on the site as did the rest of the sections I’ve already discussed.

The Professional Development section of the website is full of useful information as well.  In particular I think the strategy guides are a very useful tool.  They even have a section on teaching with technology.  I also like that the website provides a section for parents and outside of school resources.


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