MentorMob Review

When I was looking for something to review I came across MentorMob and thought it sounded really neat.  Upon exploring this technology it has only continued to grow on me.  The idea of creating a learning playlist is what intrigued me right away.  First to make sure this was a tool I wanted to write about I explored a few playlists created by others.  I was really glad they had the playlists broken down into subjects.  After clicking through a few playlists I felt this could be an incredibly useful tool in the classroom.  It’s a way to put a bunch of information on a topic together and help students to build upon what they have previously learned.

Since I found myself liking this website so much it was time to test out making my own playlist.  The options provided came as somewhat of a shock to me because the playlists I had previously viewed seemed to stick with links to other websites.  MentorMob however, also allows the creator to upload files, write articles and even create quizzes.  This makes it even more of a complete tool than I was originally picturing.


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